Critical error working with the Task Manager

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Hello Professionals,

While I am working with the Task Manager I got an error message. I am getting little scared of this error; the error itself says it is critical. I don’t have much knowledge about technical concepts. For your information I have windows 8 64 bit operating system. How to handle this critical? Please help me to rectify this error. Thanks a lot.

SecurityBot3 03_NYC_Airfield.SecurityBot0 (Function DeusEx.ScriptedPawn.Patrolling.PickDestination.0039) Runaway loop detected (over 10000000 iterations)

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Critical error working with the Task Manager


It’s weird but I can’t seem to find other users with the same problem. Most of the time there are other users who are experiencing the same thing but what I found were related to a particular game and yours is something not related to game, I think. If you are working or opening the Windows Task Manager when the error appeared then the program associated to this must have been running all the time with the system.

If you didn’t started a program before opening the Windows Task Manager, check if it is your antivirus throwing it. First, restart your computer. Once the computer boots up wait for a few minutes and then open Windows Task Manager. See if that error shows up again. If it does appear again, try reinstalling your antivirus. Uninstall it, restart your computer, and install it back.

See if this fixes it. If not, open your Windows startup and reinstall all the applications that start with Windows. It is possible that one of the startup programs has caught a corrupted file and needs to be reinstalled. To learn how to open the Windows startup in Microsoft Windows 8, please visit Could Not Parse.

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