Cricket has occurred an error while playing

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Hi to all,

I have been playing cricket 07 and it was running properly but suddenly the following error appeared on my screen while playing. The screenshot of the error is as follows:

The error says,


Async load of 15d63aba05c8ce8077e8cvfaa2926ca6.fsh failed

Can anyone please explain how to remove this error and resume my game again. I'll be really grateful.

Waiting for your suggestions



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Cricket has occurred an error while playing


Hello Mike,

You will need to delete the cricket file and then download another cricket file from the internet. The one you have right now is corrupted. After you have replaced it with the new file everything should be okay. You should be able to play the game without getting the error.



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Cricket has occurred an error while playing



Hi there user:

This error will repeatedly show-up every time you start the game, but I don’t recommend uninstalling your Cricket.

First thing you will do, remove all the .fsh files in it. And then download any BAT (never own) with the .fsh file name.

Now check the bats section on the player editor and it’ll show you bat/s (Bat ID) you installed. And you can now play your Cricket game trouble-free.

Thanks for asking.

Best regards,

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Cricket has occurred an error while playing


Cricket 07 is the 2007 and latest installment to the ever popular EA Sports Cricket. This edition of Cricket brings a number of developments to the previous EA Sports Cricket 2005 while maintaining compatibility for Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you have this error on your computer and it appears from time to time when playing Cricket 2007, try updating the driver of your graphics adapter.

If you have an NVIDIA video card, visit NVIDIA Driver Downloads then select the model you have. If you have an ATI Radeon, visit AMD Drivers plus Download Center. If you have S3 graphics, visit S3 Graphics Download Drivers. If the one you are using is a built-in Intel graphics adapter, visit Intel Download Center.

Once updated, restart your computer then try Cricket 2007 again and see if it works. If you still see the error, try reinstalling the game. Do this only if you still have the installer. If you don’t, visit and download EA Sports Cricket 2007. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

You may also try defragmenting your hard drive. I think the issue has something to do with file synchronization. If your computer is performing slowly, it can affect the speed when a program accesses a file.

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Cricket has occurred an error while playing


All what it seems is a network problem.

1. Either the connection is too slow for the play.

2. Many characters have been involved that is making it slow.

Solution to this

1. The network router and associated computers attached to it should be given less priority to yours.

2. The service provider may be asked for a greater bandwidth for the play.

3. Some settings are required for the play of the game which requires asynchronous communication with the server.

4. Try Using the play at some other computer if it works there. If not then see the minimum system and network requirements for the play.

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