Credit Card Expiration Checker Software Used by Companies

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I had my credit card expired last year, and I didn't even notice it actually. And when Im about to use it, I just notice that it has been expired. I wonder if the company has an effective credit card expiry checker software? Do you know what credit card expiry checker software most of the credit company use?

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Credit Card Expiration Checker Software Used by Companies


Hi Angie_lyne,

I assume you are trying to guess which software a credit card firm maybe using to check the expiry date of your credit card.

Generally, companies will have their own software for the purpose. They use customized software that help them create the card, assign the credit card number, check for credit etc.

The validity is prefixed into the database while assigning your card and this value is probably checked every time you use your card.

This is one possible way of implementing a credit card system.

If you are looking for something that can help you in identifying or remembering when your card is about to expire you can use other reminder software or web services that do the same.

Hope this resolves your query.


Powel Jedei

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