Create successful mp3 recording in Audacity and add ins

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I am trying to record and export it using Audacity it gives me multiple error messages while exporting a recording. I was able to record my voice, but I cannot turn the voice in to an mp3 format. What are the possible reasons causing this? Why is it that I have to download another encoder even though I can record WAV files? Please elaborate the steps on how to make this work? What are the codec means? How essential it is in recording?

Thank you!

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Create successful mp3 recording in Audacity and add ins


Hello Lloyd!

Since you already have Audacity installed in your computer the only thing we need to do is to download and install Lame MP3 Encoder. But why do we have to do this since you can export WAV files? WAV files are for Windows format. You need to have a proper encoder for MP3 to make it work properly with websites and other devices. Let’s just say that a dish will not taste good without salt, or your car won’t start without fuel. Same with MP3 encoder, you have to go through this process to create a proper MP3 file.

Go to

1.  Look for downloads and Click Windows in the option.

2.  Look for Optional Downloads >> LAME MP3 Encoder.

3.  Click the link for it and download the file.

4.  Once you completed the download, run the file and just follow the on-screen guide.

5.  This will only take a few seconds or 1-2 minutes only.

6.  Restart your system even if you’re not prompted to.

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