Create a new gradient color in my Photoshop?

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I would like to add a color list and create a new gradient color in my Photoshop.

Can you help me?

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Create a new gradient color in my Photoshop?


In Photoshop, the gradient option is a very powerful tool to create an effect of one color gradually translating into the next color as per specified by the user.

To insert a gradient color, first in the Photoshop window, in the file you are working on, create a new layer. After creating the new layer, select the marquee tool found in the top portion of the left side tool dock. Or simply press M. then draw a rectangle selection using the marquee tool.

Now we are going to gradient fill the selection. In the left tool dock, at the bottom you can see two colors shown, which will be black and white by default. Click the two colors, and select the colors that you want to create in the gradient. Once the colors are selected, select the gradient tool. It can be obtained by right clicking the paint bucket tool, and selecting the gradient option.

Then just draw a line across the marquee rectangle selection that you had just made. Then you can see the gradient coloring formed within the selected rectangular area.

Hope this helps.

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