CPU Max Out and Internet Connection Problem!

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I have two problems. First things first.

In windows first start up, my CPU keeps on max out at 100% and when I open a couple of programs, RAM remains around 30% usage.

The second problem is with my router, I keep on losing internet connection, and I have to run repair multiple times in one day. Once I run repair, it works for a while then lose connection again. It’s a 7 7068, and it’s really annoying because I have to reset my router every time I rebooted Windows. And I don’t want to constantly power cycle my router every few hours because I lose connection all the time with a wired connection and all I need is to run a repair and its works. I’m hoping for a permanent solution. Any input will be gladly appreciated.


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CPU Max Out and Internet Connection Problem!


SVC host is an Operating system executable file and it automatically executes as the windows loads. Basically what it does is to check different services in OS. These services include Automatic Update of windows, so what you have to check is that your automatic update is not activated. If so turn it off. Secondly it also check the Windows Themes. So check this service also. You cannot disable this automatic. Although you can disable the services this program uses, also see that there is no VIRUS is in your PC. In windows registry such VIRUS also causes the execution of the program and thus can make your PC speed less. In such case run a full scan to your computer.

Your second problem is about networking.You can set it by simply setting your IP address. You can set it as:

Go to control Panel –> Open network connections –> Select Local area network you are using –> Double click it and select properties –>Select internet protocol[TCP/ IP] as shown here:

Now you have to set your IP as shown in picture or you can also contact your service provider for help. Check the services also for more info. It can be done by going to RUN and by typing "services.msc" .Here check your services related to network and that's all.

Hoping well now.

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CPU Max Out and Internet Connection Problem!


Ok! I am presenting the solution of your problem.What you have to do is to check which program is taking your processor speed. To check this you have to press ALT+CTRL+DEL. Now under Processes check your processes and see which program is taking your CPU process. When you get that, now you can go to RUN and type msconfig.msc. Here under the services tab disable the program which is causing problems. It will reboot your system and work fine.

Now for the second problem check your IP of your computer and set it manually so it will not change with time. To do so, go to your local area network properties and select the TCP/IP. Now click PROPERTIES and set your IP address manually. Check if you are using that cable to connect the router. Then you can also check the wire connecting to your router. If it's in a fault, you have to remove it. What this will do is that it will fix your IP and you don’t need to change it again and again. Hope will work fine.

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