CPU Usage goes up to 100%

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I have an old computer. When two apps are launched (any) my CPU goes to 100% and stays there. I disabled all services that can disable, but nothing happened. I neutralized virtually all applications at startup. Yet there is nothing!

These are the applications launched and svchost.exe using 100% CPU… I do not know what to try… any ideas? Thank you in advance.

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CPU Usage goes up to 100%


For any old PC it is always recommended that all the software you use has the least need for system resources.

First of all check your antivirus software (if you have one) and see how much of the processing power it is using.

The antivirus may also force other software to use up large resources.

You can just look at the reviews for antivirus software at this link SecuritySoftware.

You did not mention the OS and hardware configurations. Downgrading the OS or getting rid of all visual styles of those that claim your resources might be another way. To get rid of the visual styles (if you have Windows XP), you can right click on Computer > Properties > Advanced Tab > Performance Settings and Choose “Best Performance”.

Furthermore, you can install FreeRam OptimizerXP to maximize the availability of RAM.

Finally you can also look for earlier versions of the software you are using which should not be as source hungry as the newer ones. You can also try not running resource hungry software simultaneously.

Best of luck.

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CPU Usage goes up to 100%


Hello Kim Carter,

I hope that this solution will help him. With more and more powerful CPUs and computer applications increasingly child, the perspective of a CPU to or nearly 100 per cent of use are diminishing. In fact, if its CPU is working to 100 %, the probabilities are that there is some evil with its machine. Here there are some ways that a processor can come to been afraid benchmark from 100 per cent.

  1. Troyanos/virus – Trojan horses, a type of computer virus, can be burdened in the CPU of a computer.
  2. Infinite ringlet ringlet takes place(is produced) when a program is blocked, but it is incapable of extinguished. In an attempt of apagará, the program will try to force extinguished repeatedly until your CPU is burdened by 100 per cent and the team(equipment) is begun again.
  3. Big intensive programs need many CPU and RAM to work correctly. A lot of more recent video games easily it can push a CPU bigger than 100 %.
  4. Several programs, even if a team(equipment) has the newest processor and 16 GB of RAM, if the machine is working enough programs (applications of musician, Internet navigator(browser), publisher of images, courier service, service, software antivirus, etc.) the CPU will be possibly top 100 per cent.
  5. Superheat – the warmest of a processor, more it acts to process all the information correctly. This is the easiest of superheat topic to remedy as normally everything what it is necessary to do is to clean the heat spendthrift of the processor or the fan.

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