Could you help me about Microsoft Word 2007 ?

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I downloaded microsoft office 2007 on the internet to use and follow  the instructions, I repaired in (poof.en). After that I used it and I felt it really wonderful, but several days later, I clicked Microsoft Word to text editor but I couldn't  text editor and edit context. 

In the last row are the words (This modification is not allowed because-the selection is locked.)

Could you help me ? . Thank you very much.

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Could you help me about Microsoft Word 2007 ?


Hi there Rachel 91,

There are a few possible causes for this.  The document may be marked final. A big possibility that the document is protected. You may also be using a trial of Office 2007. Office 2007 may not have been activated yet.

If the document is marked as final, you will not be able to paste or edit the document. If you move your cursor to the Paste tab, you will see a notification that "this command is currently disabled".  Click the office button, found on the upper left corner of your microsoft word which is the circle. Go to Prepare>>Look for Mark as Final highlighted in orange, this means that it is enabled. It won't allow any changes to the document.  Anyway, in order to make changes, the document needs to be "unfinalized".  Go to Office button>>Prepare>>Click Mark as Final  to Unfinalized it.

If you are still not able to make changes on the document. Click Review tab>>Click Protect Document button>>a small menu comes up>>Click Stop Protection button, if you only see Start protection button, close the window.  You may have to enter a password in order to make changes to the document.

If the trial of your Microsoft ofice has expired, you will have to reactivate it.  Either purchase the product or look for free product keys on the internet, you have to be patient though, because some works some doesn't.
Hope this helps.

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Could you help me about Microsoft Word 2007 ?


Your problem my friend is just what you did might have Marked the document that you are trying to edit as final. Below are solution to remove it.

Solution 1:

Click the upper left button with the office logo at the top. Then select Prepare and then click Mark as Final to remove it. You may now edit all of your files in there.

Solution 2:

You can also just try copy and pasting it on a new document. Well this is just optional but the first solution really does the job for you specified problem. I am just suggesting it because you might be also save the document with different filename.

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