Could not update iPhone with new Apple ID

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I recently update my iPhone for my existing last thread. But now, it seems like I’m getting a new problem regarding my Apple ID.  I have changed and updated my Apple ID so that I can use it even in iTunes and the like but I cannot use it in App Store. My old Apple ID still exists even though I have updated such changes. It is the only Apple ID that I can use. The problem is I cannot download or update anything. The Apple website is not responding and even if I tried to log in and log out for several times now, it doesn’t change anything. Now, posting here is the only way that I can do to find ways to solve my problem. I hope anyone of you can help me. Please.

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Could not update iPhone with new Apple ID


Eva Russell,

It seems like when you updated the iphone to the latest version, some of the settings were restored to the default factory settings and therefore you will need to configure and change them again to the custom IDs that you want.

As for not being able to access the apple website, I will advise that you check the configuration for the internet settings, in case they were removed during the upgrade you may be needed to reconfigure them. You may need to contact the apple support and ask them to send them the internet settings.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung


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Could not update iPhone with new Apple ID


Hi Eva,

Simply you need to change your AppStore default id to new Apple ID.

Follow these steps to do it –

1. Log out of your iTunes from your PC,

2. Log back in with your new Apple ID,

3. Now go to Settings,

4. Then Store,

5. Select an app to purchase,

6. Click on Install,

7. The App will ask for Apple ID to enter and enter your new Apple ID,

8. Let the App get installed,

9. Now go back to settings and store to check if your new Apple ID is stored as default ID.

Really simple, isn’t it?

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