How to avoid radiation using iPhone for a long time?

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I use my iphone talking to clients for hours every day, is there some new gadget for my iphone to avoid too much radiation it gives during use?  Can I use it in my iphone 3gs?  

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How to avoid radiation using iPhone for a long time?


The discussion about cell phone radiation does seem to scare people especially those who are on the phone constantly like you. There have been new gadgets that have been designed. One of the gadgets that are claimed to reduce the possibility by 96% is the Moshimy iphone Dock. It is however just a design. It will work on the point that they will use a separate handset when not on the move. EWG has also created a user-friendly interactive online guide to cell phone emissions, covering more than 1000 phones in the current market.  However it is better to take precautions as follows to lull out the false sense of security. Carry your phone at least two feet from your body, turn it off when you can and text instead of talking if you can. That will be the best way to handle the situation and at least keep you at ease.

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How to avoid radiation using iPhone for a long time?


Back in the 90s, cellular phones first became widely available in the United States but since then their use has increased noticeably. Together with the huge and yet growing number of cell phone users both children and adults, the amount of time spent on their phones has also increased harshly in the past decades.

Cell phones work by sending signals to and from nearby base stations or cell towers by means of RF waves. An RF wave is a form of electromagnetic energy that falls between microwaves and FM radio waves. Just like with an FM radio wave, visible light, microwave, and heat, an RF wave is a form of non-ionizing radiation.

It doesn’t have sufficient energy to cause cancer by damaging the DNA directly inside the cells. At very high levels, RF waves can heat up body tissues and is also the basis how microwave oven works. But in the case of cell phones, the energy given off is much lower and not sufficient to increase the temperature of the body.

The RF waves from a cell phone are originating from the antenna and the antenna is part of the body of a cell phone. The waves are strongest at the antenna and rapidly lose energy as the waves travel away from the cell phone. When the phone is being used, it is normally held against the side of the head.

The nearer the antenna is to the head, the bigger is the expected exposure to the RF energy. “SAR” stands for “Specific Absorption Rate”. This is the amount of RF energy absorbed by the body from the phone. Different cell phones have different SAR levels. Cell phone manufacturers are required to report the maximum SAR level of their products to the United States FCC or the Federal Communications Commission.

With regards to the lab studies conducted, the RF waves emitted by cell phones don’t have sufficient energy to heat body tissues or directly harm DNA. That’s why it’s not clear if cell phones can really cause cancer. The majority of the studies conducted in the lab have supported the idea that RF waves don’t cause damage to DNA.

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