Could not save appointments in Outlook 2010

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I can’t seem to save my appointments in Outlook 2010 and Exchange Server 2008.

The error message I am receiving is: The connection to MS Exchange is unavailable.

Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.

I can save my emails but I can’t add calendar entries.

My Outlook 2010 is connected with my MS-Exchange.

I am also the administrator of my Exchange Server.

How can I resolve this?

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Could not save appointments in Outlook 2010



I can show you in details how to save appointments in Outlook 2010. I have tried with LightSwitch Application.

How To Send HTML Email from a LightSwitch Application-

You may ask about how to automate Outlook to do these things like add appointments to others calendar. I am showing you how to create a client-side helper class which makes and sends appointments via Outlook.

We have to need a helper class on the person so we can call it from a button on our screen. We can do this by choosing the “File View” on the Solution Explorer, right-click on the Client project and select Add > New Class.

As an example I have named  “OutlookAppointmentHelper” .


Our associate training uses COM automated, a function of Silverlight 4. First of all we have to look at if we’re managing out-of-browser on a Windows program by verifying the AutomationFactory. After that we need to get a referrals to Lifestyle, beginning the software if it’s not already start.

The relax of the value just makes the visit and delivers it. In the value below, you could also thoughts out the telephone to Deliver and instead telephone Present to allow the customer to change the visit first. NOTE: The key element of value that allows the giving of the visit to the to Address is to set the MeetingStatus property or home to 1 (olMeeting), otherwise the visit will just remain on the person's work schedule and will not be sent to the individual.

Attached code

Run this and you will see that when the user clicks the button the appointment is sent and it appears on the user’s calendar.


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