Cost-efficient supply chain management software

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A client of mine wanted to buy a supply chain management software for their growing company. They are into retail apparel business and have 5 boutiques so far. They are still doing everything manually (all records of sales are in Excel)so, an upgrade is necessary. Now, I wonder what could be the best program/ software for them and what points should be considered in choosing the software for them.

Would appreciate all your suggestions.

Thank you.

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Cost-efficient supply chain management software


Hello Simon Clark,

If you define the supply chain management then it will be said that, supply chain management is a management that maintains and controls the entire activities from raw materials purchasing to selling ultimate products to the consumers. So supply chain management is a vast idea for a business. In a sense it covers total flow of inventories within a business. So if you would like to use software to make the whole operation more effective then you have to use more that one software.

The organization has to focus on some points like supplier status and supplier-company relationship, the existing employees’ ability to adapt with the new technology and the customer demand. So the company should use a combined software system that includes raw materials demand forecasting system and wholesaler demand forecasting system.


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