CorelDraw PhotoPaint X5 cannot be set as the default

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Hi Experts,

I recently purchased a license for CorelDraw X5 Student and Home edition being impressed with the many services provided by this applications through a couple of versions up to CorelDraw 12 . I installed this software successfully too. But I encounter a problem when I attempt to set the PhotoPaint as the default program for JPG, BMP and GIF file types using the Windows 7 default program changing app. As soon as I attempt this, I get an error message stating that the Visual Basic for Applications could not be initialized and that it must be reinstalled. I tried reinstalling as suggested a couple of times. But I soon had to give up on it as a hopeless effort. I tried doing the same operation using the PhotoPaint Options and choosing to Associate. But here again I get the same error message. I tried associating CorelDraw and I found that this could be done. So what could be preventing me from associating PhotoPaint? Please advice. I am eagerly awaiting your responses to fix this issue. Thanks a lot.

Cannot initialize Visual Basic for Applications. VBA may not be installed. Try reinstalling in using the Corel Installer and selecting a Custom Setup.

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CorelDraw PhotoPaint X5 cannot be set as the default


I’m not sure if something went wrong with your installation but supposedly Visual Basic for Applications is automatically installed together with the software when you install CorelDRAW X5. If you install the package as recommended then there should be no problem. Checking your operating system’s compatibility with the software there’s no problem either.

CorelDRAW X5 is perfectly compatible with your operating system so there is no incompatibility happening like what I suspected earlier. CorelDRAW X5 supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit and with the latest Service Packs installed. I’m pretty sure also you won’t have a problem in the hardware because CorelDRAW X5 can run even on Pentium 4.

The required RAM is not that high also. The smallest amount you can run CorelDRAW X5 is 512 MB but the recommended is 1 GB and higher. Though the program insists that Visual Basic for Applications may not be installed, it is already installed actually. Go to Tools, Options, and then VBA. By default, the checkbox for Delay is checked. To fix your problem, simply remove the check in Delay.

You can now associate the files that throw back an error before.

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