Why will Samsung invest in a 14-nm chip?

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Why would Samsung invest $1.9 billion in a 20nm and 14nm chips of Intel? Does this mean that Samsung want to generate profit from it or the company just simply believe in Intel's next generation chips?

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Why will Samsung invest in a 14-nm chip?


First things first let’s get the facts straight:

1.) Samsung is investing on a new line of chips for smartphones and processors using 20nm and 14nm fabrication processes worth $1.9 Billion.

2.) Intel is currently the # 1 chip maker in the world with Samsung following a close second.

3.) Samsung and Intel are currently competing against each other (not working together) and are “in” for a fierce and aggressive fight over who will dominate the smartphone/ tablet’s system chip market which according to research will soar and increase demand from $23 billion last year to $59 billion in 2016. Amidst this overwhelming evidence it would be safe to say that it was the thought of profits which prompted Samsung to take such a big risk.    

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