Convert .doc to .docx file

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I have a new computer with preinstalled Microsoft Works program. I have documents with .doc and .docx format. But the MS-Works can only open .docx file. I want to know if anyone here has an idea on how to convert the .doc files into .docx or in a reversed way. 

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Convert .doc to .docx file



If you can install MS office 2007 you can do this very easily. MS word 2007 can open both .doc and .docx files. It also can save files as both .doc and .docx types. It is not recommended to us ean various kind of converters. Because it changes the structure and styles some times.

Because Microsoft Word itself has lots of unique styles, themes and many other things. But the converters do not have the capability of identifying and converting all those changes. So it will rubbish.

However I found a online converter that can convert .doc into .docx and also .docx into .doc.

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Convert .doc to .docx file


Hi Rachel,

You can use the program that you used for creating the document to convert it into the *.odocx format. If is an office word document, then go to file then save as, when the save dialog box comes up, scroll down the options till you find the docx format and then click on save.

With your document saved in that format, you should be able to open it in microsoft works without any trouble. If the program you used to create the document is not office, then you should probably get the option for saving the document in the docx format.


Lee Hung

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