Conversion of files of Office 2007

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What is the way to open a Microsoft Word document of Microsoft Office 2007 in Microsoft Office 2000 program

Which is most commonly used by us?

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Conversion of files of Office 2007


To convert any Microsoft Word document from version 2007 to version 2000, just do the following:

  1. Open the file or document normally in Microsoft Word 2007
  2. Right click on “Office” logo found on the top-right corner of the screen
  3. On the drop-down menu then select “Save As”
  4. Then on the drop-down list titled “Save As Type:”, select the “Word 97-2003 Document”
  5. Now, save the document to a file folder so that it will be saved as a DOC file
  • The DOC file is the one compatible with Microsoft Word 2000

       6. Download the Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Pack from Microsoft’s website (Download Center) which is free for all users of registered Microsoft Operating System

       7. Have the compatibility pack for Microsoft Office 2007 installed on your computer

       8. Adjust the language settings that may change due to the installation of the Compatibility Pack

       9. Open your DOCX or DOCM file in Microsoft Word 2000

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Conversion of files of Office 2007


Hey buddy, If you are using Microsoft Office 2000 but want to open a document in Office 2007 format that won't really do.

You cannot open a higher version file format in a lower version. You will have to find a compatibility format or a file converter.

Here is my tip for you. Please follow step by step. 

1. Install all High-Priority updates from Microsoft update. This will update your windows. You can also find Windows Update in your Control Panel. Just click the Start button, select All Programs, then click Windows Update.
2. After update, download the compatibility pack here: Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.  After opening the link, find the attached file FileFormatConverters.exe then click Download. A pop-up window asking you to select additional download will appear. It is your choice if you want to select one then click next or, you can ignore the selection and proceed downloading by clicking Next.
3. Install the downloaded Compatibility Pack in your computer. Instructions for installing the file is available for you while downloading.

Then that's it. You're good to go.

You can enjoy opening and even saving your files in higher version.. the Microsoft Word 2007..

I hope that helps.

Let me know.(^-^)

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Conversion of files of Office 2007


You need to install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.

It is not exactly an upgrade to your Office 2000 but it will enable your older version of MS Office to recognize, open, and edit Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Excel 2007, and Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 files.  

Office 2007 files are those saved as .docx or .docm (MS Word 2007) and .xlsx (Microsoft Excel 2007).

Take note though that even with the compatibility pack, not everything from an Office 2007 document can be edited in older versions of MS Office.  

Some of the advanced features of Office 2007 simply cannot be edited in Office 2000.  Read more about it here:


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