The contributing factors pertaining to the achievements of Microsoft Company in Africa

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What are the contributing factors surrounding the Microsoft Company’s achievements on the African soil? In the area of economy, health and agriculture, are there any stuffs to write home about? I am making a research on the positive influence of the Microsoft Company on the African Continent. Starting from the introduction of Microsoft’s products on the African Continent.

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The contributing factors pertaining to the achievements of Microsoft Company in Africa


Hello Jack!

Microsoft has initiated several steps and faced challenges in African soil. Microsoft’s initiative to focus on Africa’s economy, agriculture and health made a great impact and boom to country’s developing IT industry.

Microsoft contributed a lot in the improvement of Africa’s economy. They’ve created and launched Cloud Computing for companies. With this companies who ventured in to Cloud Computing systems save more than they expected. Also it created more jobs for African citizens. Microsoft also launched educational program that doesn’t just support students in their studies but to urge them to pursue IT related courses.

Microsoft and its partners committed to contribute in the agriculture industry. They’ve launched several programs that promotes agriculture industry. Agriculture is African main source of their living. They’ve launch software and applications that you can use to trade-in products in the market.

Microsoft also initiated and supported various health programs. They urged studies in using mobile or phones as modes or tools that we can use for health services especially in critical areas in Africa. From students up to certified doctors contributed and showed great deal with this health care initiatives.

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