Contents of Swapper directory in Unix tree hierarchy

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Its me Rizwan.Kindly tell me about  the contents of Swapper directory in Unix tree hierarchy? Also tell me that When a process is doing IO, even then CPU is doing all the work i.e CPU has to execute the instructions for IO . So how we differentiate between IO bound and CPU bound process?


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Contents of Swapper directory in Unix tree hierarchy


Hi dear its me M.Smith  and I am a Developer etc.
 So, do not worry dear its so easy question and it’s my wish to help you.
Ok your question is very interesting now be carefully. The Swap space is a temporary memory location. Swap space is used when physical memory is not sufficient to hold all the running processes. If the system needs more memory resources and the physical memory is full, inactive pages in memory are moved to the swap space. So usually swap space holds the contents of the man memory temporarily.
And the second part is that actually, while working on the computer, we get the feeling that I/O operations as well as CPU operations are running in parallel. We get this feeling because of excellent processor and time sharing algorithms. Otherwise a single CPU can do only I/O burst or CPU burst at a given time.

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