How to run a compiled program

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My name is M.Smith and doing job in I.T department. But I am a bit confused and mixing the concepts that I had read in the handouts.  To run compiled program, a. out command is used, but if there are multiple programs, then all of them will be stored in a.out file? And how can we run a particular program out of them?

And also tell me that what is the difference between SURE KILL and KILL command?

If anybody understand my question than please solve my problem.


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How to run a compiled program



Hi friend, how are you. Hope you will be fine. My name is John Sena and doing job in a multinational company of information Technology. The first part of your question is that when you compile a program using gcc command and do not give the name of the .exe file explicitly then a.out file is created. You can run that program by ./a.out command . A better way is to use the gcc command in the following way: $ gcc programName.c -o My Program the above line will compile a program and make an exe file with the name MyProgram. Now you can run the exe in the following way $ ./My Program.

Hope you will get the right point.

            The difference between SUPEKILL and KILL commend mean that a  process can be terminated by kill command. sure kill command is used for special processes which are programmed in such a way that they have the ability to ignore the signal sent to them. To terminate these processes sure kill command is used.

            I have given the answer so take it If you have anymore questions you can ask to me.

            Good bye.

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