Connectivity disappears in LAN after making DSL Server

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I was using DVB-RCS previously, for WAN connectivity on my office LAN. All the systems and server are connected via the domain controller by server with IP's assigned manually. Now I added DSL connectivity, for broadband and for this I have made one system as DSL Server.

I also added the IP of LAN, as well as the default gateway but even then that (DSL server) system is not able to connect to the LAN domain systems.

All the systems have DSL connectivity, using the gateway of that DSL system.

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Connectivity disappears in LAN after making DSL Server


Hi Smith229,

It appears that your computer has a default IP address set-up in Local Area Network, which prevents you from getting Internet access, when you use your DSL connection. This type of connection mostly uses Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP). The Local Area Network has to be set to, auto-obtain IP-Address automatically, but this depends on what type of Internet connection your Internet Service Provider uses.

Once your Local Area Network is set to Auto-Obtain and still won't work, this needs a more advanced diagnostic that your Information Technology expert at your workplace needs to take a look at.

Things to consider in this type of networking is;

  • IP address set-up, might have conflicts of IP address with another device and the network connected;
  • Type of Internet Service connection your ISP uses;
  • What IP addresses you have assigned in your LAN connection. This might be wrong and need to take a look at it.
  • These are questions that obviously I can't answer and provide you full details.
  • Post additional information so we can thoroughly study the case.
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Connectivity disappears in LAN after making DSL Server


You have added DSL connection then Internet connectivity disappeared in LAN. You will need to identify and select what LAN connection you will going to use. DSL for broadband connection of the LAN with assigned IP address by your domain controller?

  • Using LAN connectivity has it's own IP address assigned to communicate with the network and to keep the networking going without conflict of IP address.
  • Adding up DSL connectivity for broadband connection uses connection to connect to the Internet, mostly used PPPOE connection. This authenticate to the Internet Server via username and password provided by ISP.
  • The way your computer connects to the Internet is not through PPPOE but thru IP address networking, assigned manually.
  • This is the main reason why LAN lost connectivity.

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