The connection has timed out

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Hey Guys!

I need help here! I was about to apply for a job and filled up an information for job application. When i click the "Apply Now" button, a new window opened and it appeared as "The connection has timed out".

The connection has timed out

The connection has timed out

The server at ***.**.**.** is taking too long to respond.

My internet connection is good in fact 6 applications were active in the other window. I use broadband modem as my internet connection. I just wonder why the application popped up an error on connection while my internet is went well. Is it the internet connection, the IP address of the network? Can you guys explain to me what is/are the cause of this action?

Thank You.

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The connection has timed out



The problem you’re facing regarding internet pages getting “Times Out” is a painful issue for most of the users. This problem causes too many difficulties while working on the net. So some possible solutions to these problems are given below:

1. One of the reason for such problem is an IP connection Timing Issue. It occurs due timing limitation of the internet provider. When something goes wrong with server connection the user’s PC will show a timed out message in the browser window and it is also due to ISP failure. Well the solution to this problem is to modify the registry key. As a result the ISP failure won’t happen and the timed out message won't be shown.


2. Another reason for “Timing Out” is the Port Blocking. Since the internet is routed through 2 different ports so weather is secured or not the port may be blocked. Also some sites are not authorized for all to visit. So visiting this type of website will show you the message “Timed Out”. Putting an extra “S” may let you visit that site. Like “http” and putting an “S” in front of the http and entering “https” may let you visit that site.

3. Sometimes this kind of problem occurs due to the browser you're using. Like Firefox sometimes makes you disconnected from sites and again reconnects. But the problem isn’t faced with other browsers. So try to use Internet Explore, Opera, Safari or Chrome.

4. Please check out whether you have put the actual IP configuration for your Broadband Connection. Otherwise it won't work properly or you can also check for your IP and firewall settings.

5. Sometimes it so happens that there may be some problem with the site you’re visiting. If such kind of thing happens, here is a suggestion for your Firefox browser. Select the “Tools” button from the Menu > Then click options > Go to the “advanced” button, click the network tab > Then under connections click settings > Click auto-detect proxy settings for this network.

6. I hope that the problem isn’t with your service provider. Check out if your service provider requires a special configuration that you haven’t done.

7. Please check the following –

  • If you're having the proper signal or network strength.
  • If you have any software installed that disconnects internet.
  • If your Broadband Connector is working properly or not.


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The connection has timed out


To fix this issue follow below step:

  • Go to Firefox TAB, Select OPTION (refer to attached image).
Firefox TAB, Select OPTION
  • Select NETWORK tab and Click Settings.
Select NETWORK tab and Click Settings
  • Check (As per given image).
Auto detect proxy setting for this network

Click OK. Now check.

If this doesn't resolve your problem, then check your speed with

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