Connection Failed – could not connect to remote database

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I've encountered this error when I try to setup remote connection of my daylight server on a separate location I already configured router and setup port forwarding by the way this is on Mac Machines. The ISP already provided me with a static IP on both sites but still connection failed. Any help please. I capture the error screen shots that will be easier for you to understand this error.

My objective here is to make the two mac machine see each other as like the vpn (virtual private network).


Database search failed because the server

could not be reached.

Make sure this computer is connected to a network.

If connecting over the internet, ensure the server is

configure for internet access.

Error code: 100

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Connection Failed – could not connect to remote database


It could be possible that you have run into a bug on your machine and therefore causing the computer name to change or affecting the operating system.

What you will need to do is login on to your computer and then locate the Add New Connection wizard and use it to re-add the server addresses.

You will also need to check and make sure that you have configured the network settings on your computer properly, for they too may be the reason why the database is not able to connect. If there is a problem with the settings you will need to change them. Also check the proxy settings in the browser if they are properly configured.

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