Connecting Laptop to HDMI TV

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I Have Television which have HDMI port. I want to connect my laptop to TV, but my Toshiba laptop only has VGA port.

How can I connect it?

I already test using VGA to HDMI cable, but it won't work. It says no signal. Please help me. thanks

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Connecting Laptop to HDMI TV


Dear Tamamedy,

here is a way you could solve the problem to connect your laptop to the HDMI TV:

1. Turn off your laptop.

2. Locate the VGA port and connect the VGA-end to the laptop.

3. Turn on the HDMI TV and locate the HDMI located most probably behind the body.

4. Connect the cable to the HDMI in/ HDMI input in the HDMI TV

5. Turn on the laptop. It is most likely to detect an external screen.

6. Right -click on the desktop and click Screen Resolution, where you'll be able to select the HDMI TV.

7. If the laptop doesn't detect the screen, click detect displays and retry.

8. Enjoy

Hope this helped solve your issue.

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Connecting Laptop to HDMI TV


Does your TV has a VGA port? You can use VGA cable to connect your laptop to TV. You said that you tried to connect using VGA to HDMI cable, I think it is not compatible. Because VGA is analog, HDMI is digital. The laptop needs a video card with HDMI or DVI output if you want to connect it from VGA to HDMI cable. If you can decide what cable you want to use. Here is a video on how to install your Laptop into your TV using HDMI/VGA/S-VIDEO VIA SCART.

Hope this solution can help you.


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Connecting Laptop to HDMI TV


Hello Temmedy,

Here is the answer of your mentioned problem.

A VGA connector and cable can be utilized for carrying analog plus video as well as display and graphics data.

The VGA is known as connector consists of 15 pin mainly discovered in laptops and some other devices.

For giving connection from laptop to TV, you may require a PC to TV converter along with this port.

You can simply plug the VGA line  from the origin into the converter, and use a RCA line or S-video out to the TV.

Since the converter is powered by USB, therefore carrying external power adapter is not required, thus making this laptop to TV connection completely handy.

I wish that it will solve your problem.

With regards,


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