Connecting a laptop with a desktop

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What is the way to connect a laptop with a desktop so anyone can transfer files?

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Connecting a laptop with a desktop

Hey Jimmy Perez,
The best way to connect your Laptop with your desktop is to connect both of them with LAN.
Here is the procedure of connecting them both with LAN.
1. First of all you have to connect both Laptop and Desktop with crossover cable.
2. Now you have to set Workgroup on both of the Systems.
3. After setting the workplace you have to open control panel and go to the Network Connections.
4. Select properties by right clicking the Local Area Network.
5. In the properties, click on TCP/IP setting and select properties.
6. Now assign IP to the System, you have to enter IP Address and Subnet Mask
Here keep in mind that on the other system you must change the IP from to
7. Now you are ready to transfer files from Laptop to Desktop or vice versa.
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Connecting a laptop with a desktop


If you want to connect 2 computers with different operating systems or with the same platforms using Local Area Network [LAN], it is very possible.

You just need to properly install the devices on both computers including their respective network cards. You also need to configure both computers’ network card’s IP addresses so they will be able to recognize which is which.

And you need to use a hub where you will connect both computers. If you don’t know how to configure a network card, you can search the web on how to properly configure a network card including how to properly assign an IP address.

If you don’t want to use a hub to connect both computers, you can use a crossover cable to connect both computers. This is the cabling style used when networking only 2 computers.

To learn how to create a crossover cable, you may refer to Termination of Straight through and cross over cables.

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Connecting a laptop with a desktop


Hi Dear,

It is so east task to connect your laptop with your desktop computer to transfer files.

In this setup, you do not need to have any switch or hub for to make a connection between computers.

Just take a cable (usually STP cable is used) and make it cross cable.

The process of making a cable is to fix the jack on the both ends of the cable.

After this, attach this cable to both computers, this cable will work as medium between these computers.

Now you can share or receive files.

I hope you will like it.


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