Networking software and its management

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What do you mean by SNMP networking management?what is its full form?In which conditions we should use this?

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Networking software and its management



"SNMP": This is a brief definition for:" Simple Network Management Protocol".

**SNMP is the protocol governing network management and the monitoring of network devices and their functions .and it uses the data gram protocol (UDP)and isn't necessarily limited to TCP/IP networks.

***SNMP is described formally in the internet engineering taskforce.(IETF)Request for comment (RFC)1157 and in number of other related RFCS.

*Restocklated Glossary Terms: ohm's law,reebot (warm boot_cold boot),self-destructing Email,shared memory,electron,L1and L2 ,

permittivity(electron permittivity),cardinality,angular velocity,(rotational velocity),sku(stock keeping unit).

*****SNMP Standards:

SNMP: Developed in 1980 and its the original version of SNMP.

SNMP1: Its some important functionality and only worked with TCP/IP networks.

SNMP2: Developed on 1992.but more networks adopted SNMPV2.

SNMP3:Specification was completed in an attempt to address the problems with SNMP1 and SNMP2 and allow administrators to move the one common  SNMP standard.

*Usage for SNMP is not simple or useful and its proper and safe use in a live network requires some expertise. the purpose of this paper is to provide information supporting that expertise.

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Networking software and its management



SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol. It is a UDP-based internet-standard protocol used in supervising devices in an IP network. Examples of devices that work on SNMP are switches, routers, printers, servers, workstations, modem racks, and more. It is mainly used in network management systems for monitoring different devices attached to the network. These devices are monitored to check for conditions that need immediate administrative attention.

As what the Internet Engineering Task Force defines [IETF], the Internet Protocol Suite includes SNMP as one of its components. A network that is managed by SNMP has 3 major components:

  • Agent – this is the application running on the device
  • Device to be managed
  • NMS or Network Management System – the software that runs on the manager
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Networking software and its management


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