Confused between Intel and AMD, which one is the best technology

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Hello, I want to buy a processor which formed with new technologies. I can’t take any decision which one is right Intel or AMD. Let me know what are the differences between Intel and AMD and what are the main competition between them? Am I right, If I go with Intel? Thank You

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Confused between Intel and AMD, which one is the best technology


Hello Alison!

We will eliminate prejudices and biases in this answer. We will lay-out all the features both for Intel Chipsets and AMD.

Let’s start with AMD.

1. Advance Clock Calibration. Alters the individual settings of the CPU.

2. Virtual Extension – overdrive real time adjustments in the system.

3. Cool and Quiet – thermal design power that determines the highest temperature.

4. Enhanced Virus Protection – prevents the buffer overloading and attack of viruses.

5. Presidio – viable feature that makes particular commands for trusted computations.

Now we go with Intel.

1. QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) – point-to-point connection of CPU to either a chipset or another CPU

2. Turbo Boost Technology – optimizes the power consumption of processor.

3. Hyper Threading – exposing a core to multiple cores and increases the system efficiency.

4. Improve Virtualization Performance – increases in memory bandwidth and processing performance and faster throughput using less memory and system resources.

5. Remote Management – can interconnect different or multiple servers without any problem and latency, Interconnects different platforms.

Looking in to the mentioned features of these processors, the question and the answer to it will still be best get from you. What do you want to achieve. For gamers, AMD will be the best choice since it offers thermal design power. For business and office workers, Intel will be the best option for connecting computers and network.

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