Conflict with Emulation Software detected.

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Hello experts

Just my sister has found Bon Voyage on the Computer and she setup it.

She hesitated between a few downloading troubles that were slight, but they should not have created this error.

At first she inserts disk 2 of Bon Voyage and then ending up the download, after that she changed the disk back to 1 and then selected the starting sign for this game.

When the launcher showed, she pressed play and wait for some seconds.

Then this message is shown:  'Conflict with Emulation Software detected."

Then she tried to start the game quite a number of times with the similar disk- so far the same error.

So she changed to disk 2.

But she could not go pass the beginning of the game and the loading display ahead of the Neighbourhood chooser.

And at last she was not able to select the Neighbourhood for the reason that after the 'Loading Screen' was over, an error message stopped the game display and saying that the game are stopped working. This happened two times with both end results of no answer. Mention that, we have release For Pets, Business, Seasons and University.

Please give me a solution. Help me.

Thanks in advance.

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Conflict with Emulation Software detected.


The following is a procedure that will help you work around this problem:
First of all you will need to get the shortcut icon to Bon Voyage on your computer desktop and then right click on it and then choose  "Launch Analysis".
A prompt message will come up that will ask you if you want to start the analysis. You should agree, and then ensure that the disc is inserted in the DVD drive.
The disc will spin up in the DVD drive and then the analysis will start. An emulation error will come which is just part of the analysis. You will need to select OK to generate the analysis file.
You will see where to find the AnalysisLog.sro file on your drive.



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