Configuring WordPress on windows operating system to appear at the start button

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I want to have access to WordPress when I log on to my computer. Presently, when I log on, I am not able to get access to it via the windows start bottom. I think this may be due to the location I installed the folder. I need to find a way to make WordPress available at the start button. How can I make this happen?

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Configuring WordPress on windows operating system to appear at the start button


If you have a WordPress website, you would normally install your test WordPress site on a subdirectory on your site. This is the most practical way if you’ll be working online. But if you prefer offline and wondering how you can use WordPress, this is possible using WampServer. If you want to use WordPress on Microsoft Windows, you need to install WampServer.

To download, visit WampServer 2.5 for Windows. If you have Windows XP any Service Pack or Windows Server 2003, this version of WampServer is not compatible. You can download old versions from WampServer on SourceForge. When downloading WampServer, make sure to download the appropriate version for your operating system. Once downloaded, start the installer then follow the instructions.

When WampServer prompts you to select your default web browser, navigate to the installation folder of your favorite web browser then select the correct executable file [EXE]. See image.

WampServer will also prompt you for your PHP mail parameters. It would be better to just leave it with the default settings except if you need to send a mail via your local installation. See image.

Once installed, start WampServer and then follow the instructions here on how to completely setup WordPress on your local hard drive: How to Install WordPress Locally.

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