Configure wireless connection in vodafone bewan router setup

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I am not really good in computers but I need to setup the wireless security for our Vodafone bewan router setup. Right now anyone can use the wireless connection. The security was configured before by an IT guy but we reset the modem due to some problems. Now the setting is back to default.

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Configure wireless connection in vodafone bewan router setup


Hi John Anderson,

I have seen a site of Vodafone that helps you in dealing with this problem. I have attached the link below so that you would have your reference.

Vodafone Forum: How to configure WiFi from the router admin page?

You may log in first to view the site's information.

Hope that it would help you in finding the best solution for your concern.

Thanks and more powers.


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Configure wireless connection in vodafone bewan router setup



To Setup your wireless security on your router,
below are the instructions;
– Connect first your computer wired to the router and make sure
that internet is working fine
– check the default gateway of your computer,on the lower right side of your screen, beside the clock,right click and select Properties
– Take note of the numbers for the default gateway
– Or the other way to get it is to click on start>run> type cmd
– Black screen will open with a blinking cursor
– Type ipconfig and press Enter,again take note of the default gateway
– Open Internet Explorer and clear the address bar, type the default gateway or     the ip address of the router(most routers use
– It will ask for a username and password,you may ask your router provider for the 
– On the user interface of the router, you need to look for wireless settings so that you can enable wireless security
– there different levels of wireless security, you can choose between WEP,WPA and WPA2 encryption
– Before setting up wireless security, don't forget to change also your wireless network name from the default name so that you can recognize it if you will connect
to your wireless router,don't forget to save the settings after changing it.
– For the wireless security, once you have chosen the type of encryption that you want, input the password or network key that you want and again save the settings
– After the setup, unplug the wire from the router so that you will try to connect wirelessly
– Look for the wireless icon on the bottom tray, right click and choose view wireless network (assuming that your using windows xp)
– If you can see the name that you setup earlier, connect to it and enter the password or the network key if it's asking for it. you need to confirm it by typing it again
– Wait until it says connected and check internet

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