Computer restarts when I try to play video

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I have Lenovo PC with Windows 7 32 bit. When I try to open a movie my computer restarts. It doesn't give any notification or warning, it just crashes. What is the problem with my PC?

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Computer restarts when I try to play video



Hi Ashley Morgan,

  The crash that happens on your computer is maybe caused by a corrupted Video Card driver, or some Video Card driver issues. To avoid this problem once again, you have to uninstall your Video Card driver, and then reinstall the driver once again. It can be easily installed through the CD installer that came along with your Video Card, or you can download it from its manufacturer site. Besides reinstalling your Video Card driver, you can reformat your hard disk to get rid of your problem; however, reformatting your computer would be very risky since it deletes all of your files. If your planning to reformat it, then save all the important files. Hope it helps!


>>Mathew Joni<<

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Computer restarts when I try to play video


If that thing happens every time you play a video on your Windows 7, you need to check what causes the computer to restart. One possible reason is the multimedia player you used to play the movie. Try playing the video using Windows’ own Windows Media Player. See if the computer restarts.

Now, if it doesn’t restart, this time try playing the video using the media player you used when the computer restarts. If the problem happens again, try updating the program to the latest version. But if the computer restarts even if you used Windows Media Player, try updating your video card driver. If your computer has an ASUS video card, go to ASUS Support.

If you have an NVIDIA video card, go to NVIDIA Driver Downloads. If you have an ATI video card, go to AMD Download Drivers. If you are using a built-in Intel video card, go to Intel Drivers and Software. If you have a Matrox video card, go to Matrox Driver and Software Download. Try playing the video again once the driver has been updated.

In case the problem continues and updating the video card driver did not work, try updating your Windows 7 to the latest Service Pack to update the core components of the operating system. Download Windows 7 Service Pack 1. This is the latest and only Service Pack update for Microsoft Windows 7. See if this works.

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