Computer monitor says “VGA Input: No signal”

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I have just upgraded my hard drive and got a new graphic card and RAM. When I tried to run the computer, the monitor says “VGA Input: No signal” then goes to Recommended Settings, but the monitor would then go to sleep. It worked when the repairman tested my computer on his monitor. Does it have something to do with my monitor not being able to read my new graphic card?

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Computer monitor says “VGA Input: No signal”

If this is the message that you’re getting, it means the monitor is not getting any signal from your graphics processing unit. Try and check if the monitor cable that connects it to your computer tower is connected. Try to reseat it. If it doesn’t work, try and see if you can use a different monitor cable to connect to your computer. The one that you have now may be broken hence it’s not getting any signal. If a known good cable still does not work, and given the new setup works with your technician’s monitor, then most likely it is the port on the monitor where you plug the connector in that’s faulty.
Thank you. Hope it helps.
Clair june

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