Computer hangs when running Outlook and IE

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My computer hangs up when I’m using MS Outlook and Internet Explorer at the same time.

I have done all the checking on my Windows OS and disk drives, I already run the defragmentation and cleaned up for viruses and malwares but still nothing helps.

I already uninstalled and re-installed MS Office and I’m thinking if there are files that are still kept in the program settings for its automatically goes during the installation process.

I’m already out of ideas on what to do,

Can you please help me?

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Computer hangs when running Outlook and IE

Your query can be effortlessly removed if the matter is posed more clearly and openly; you should have unmasked the system you are operating for the answer to have better understanding of the scenario. 
Probably, this may help you find the solution:
1. Identify the software that is not working properly and is creating the HANG situation. For this you may run the both programs individually and then again together. 
2. Once you have come across that which program is causing the trouble, run that program in safe mode by restarting your pc in safe mode. 
You can open outlook in safe mode by:
• Press win along with R, i-e, win+R
• outlook.exe /safe has to be typed in the textbook, and then press enter
• The above procedure will open outlook without most of the customized-files and add ins, If outlook works without any difficulty then the problem is with the customized files and add-ins.
3. After you have tested Outlook, turn down the safe mode 
4. For optimizing Internet Explorer the editorial on this site will assist you
5. For the alteration to apply you need to restart your personal computer.
We definitely have different PCs so, no obligations if it mechanizes in your system or not.  
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Computer hangs when running Outlook and IE


Are you using office 2007 and Internet Explorer 9?

If so, then other people are suffering for this problem too.

Let’s now uninstall the office and Internet explorer.

Then restart the computer and that the computer is working fine or not.

Then install office 2007 and use outlook to see it crashes or not.

If the outlook is ok, then install the Internet explorer 9 and now use both and see it crashes or not.

If the program, crashes or computer hangs, then uninstall Internet explorer.

You can now be sure that, the Internet Explorer 9 is the culprit which is troubling you and your PC.

Internet explorer 9 is very unstable and crashes a lot.  

Download the Firefox/ Opera or other browser.

Use it and see that the PC crashes or not.  

The all is ok then make a habit to use that browser instead of Internet Explorer.


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Computer hangs when running Outlook and IE


Hi. good day tomberuma

I have this solution for your problem and this one might help you.

Try this simple procedure. first you've said you are using ms outlook so open your internet explorer go to Tools then Internet Options after that choose Programs and remove all references to Outlook Express.

Second Go to the Control Panel then Add/Remove Programs then click Windows Setup, try to find and remove Outlook Express. and lastly Restart your PC and see if your problem has been resolved.

You can re-install Outlook Express by using the second step.

Good luck! and hope this might help you.

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Computer hangs when running Outlook and IE


I apologize for not being specific and detailed about the problem.

Anyway, I uninstalled the Office and Internet Explorer.

Afterwards, I reinstalled it again it turn out good, its working smoothly and doesn't crashes my computer.

Thank you Techyv team, you guys did a wonderful job helping me with my problem.

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