Computer gets slow all the time

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My computer usually gets slow when trying to install any antivirus software.

Is there a way that I can boost my computer and make it work faster?

Any suggestions?


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Computer gets slow all the time


May I know your computer specifications?

Try upgrading you hardware maybe it is old and need to be upgraded like now we have a tons of programs that needs high quality computer parts.

And there is a program that I am using to arrange and fix and boost my PC speed here is the link on the program .

But you can do some fix on your slow computer try deleting some software or files that is not needed or try having a separate backup for them and defragment your drives once a month and you must have only one antivirus


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Computer gets slow all the time


Typically, when installing an antivirus, it is somewhat normal that there is a slight decrease in the computer’s performance. This is because the antivirus program performs a real-time monitoring and verification as you use your computer. Every file you open, every file you download, every email you send, every website you visit, all are being monitored and checked by the antivirus.

One of the many antivirus applications I’ve used that caused a great degrade in the performance of my computer is the Norton Antivirus. When I shifted to Norton Internet Security, now called Norton Security, I noticed a big boost in the performance compared to when I’m still using Norton Antivirus. After my subscription to Norton Internet Security got expired, I then tried ESET NOD32 Antivirus.

I didn’t notice a slow down on the system. The only problem I encountered with ESET NOD32 Antivirus is that it updates multiple times in a day which annoys me when I’m downloading something or when I’m opening a website during slow internet sessions. In case you encountered an antivirus program that made a great impact on the computer’s performance, maybe its time to upgrade your system.

Adding more RAM can add an improvement in the computer’s performance. If you are still using an IDE hard drive, replacing it with a SATA type will add a slight boost in the performance. Upgrading the processor can greatly help in speeding up the computer. A less fragmented hard drive is also a factor in the computer’s performance. A heavily fragmented hard drive can make applications run slow.

To make sure that all programs run at optimum speed, defragment your hard drive on a regular basis. You can use the Windows Disk Defragmenter application to defragment your hard drive. To use it, go to All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then click Disk Defragmenter.

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