Installing Blackberry Error: The computer cannot communicate with the device

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Hey there!

Please help me with this one. I have installed the latest version of Black berry desktop software on my computer. Have already checked. It won't detect my phone even though its already connected.

I tried clicking open network preferences, but the problem is I don’t know what changes I should make. I’m afraid I might make the problem even bigger as it is right now. I also have tried restarting my PC and my phone, but I have no luck so far.

I need professional help with this one. I hope it gets fixed soon. Thanks to all those who would help.

The computer cannot communicate with the device.

To communicate with the device, you need to configure the "RIM Network Device" interface. Open the Network Preferences, and you will be prompted to configure the new network interface. When finished, apply your changes, and reconnect you device.

Quit                                     Open Network Preferences

The computer cannot communicate with the device
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Installing Blackberry Error: The computer cannot communicate with the device


You can try the following steps to solve your problem:

  • Connect your Blackberry to the computer using a USB cable ;
  • Install an old version of blackberry operating system , such as v4.5, if unsuccessful try with an older OS versions ;
  • Run the blackberry desktop manager ;
  • Click on the App Loader, then start ;
  • Wait until a "USB-PIN UNKNOWN"appears, then click NEXT ;
  • Then continue the installation of BlackBerry operating system.

If the above steps are successfully done, then your Blackberry will be normal again and can be connected to a computer. But if there is an error 507, a step that you can do is turn off the Desktop Manager, then repeat the above steps (starting from step 3), if this step was successful, then the PIN is now recognizable.

If it fails, the best way is to reinstall the Desktop Manager with the Repair option. If successful, then your BlackBerry is now back to normal with the old version of the operating system, then you can try upgrading to a newer version.

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Installing Blackberry Error: The computer cannot communicate with the device


Hello JamesV,
The latest version of Blackberry Desktop Manager normally detects a device does not work and prompted an informative display that can help you to upgrade your appliance. If you already have the latest version and still do not receive a connection with the Desktop Software, you can try using the application loader tool to detect your Blackberry Smartphone.
Before you start the following steps, I recommend removing all the processes associated with RIM/Blackberry, such as RIMBBLaunchAgent. exe * 32, BbDevMgr. exe * 32, etc first. Start with the closure of its Desktop Software, make sure that the device is not connected to the computer and launch the administrator of tasks (CTRL ALT DEL). In the tab processes, terminate all processes that have to do with RIM or Blackberry as the examples above.
After you delete any Blackberry process from the Task Manager, you can proceed with the following steps.
If you already have the BB Desktop Software version 6.0 to 6.1:

  1. You must first remove the battery from the back of the BlackBerry Smartphone.
  2. Connect the BlackBerry Smartphone to the computer using a USB cable, preferably one that comes with the phone.
  3. Once you are prompted to retry, update or cancel, click Update. If available updates are found, the Desktop Manager will prompt you to obtain update upgrade later or see other versions.
  4. It is best to click on get update to install the recommended software version.
  5. In the update options screen, you have the option to enter your e-mail address which is notified in the future when there may be new versions of software available.
  6. Fill out the check box and type your e-mail address in the text field if you want to receive notifications by email
  7. Disable the checkbox and leave the text blank field if you do not wish to receive updates.
  8. Reinsert the battery that was removed in step 1
  9. Click on install the update

(You asked to activate your device wirelessly after upgrading.)

As soon as all of these are performed, the Blackberry Desktop Software must be able to recognize the phone.

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Installing Blackberry Error: The computer cannot communicate with the device


Hello JamesV

Alongside these solution also visit Techyv's this post "Computer cannot communicate with blackberry device Error" to get another technique to fix this issue.

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