Computer is always out of date – Symantec errors

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Good day,

I have a problem with our computer in the office, it's operating system is Windows XP, every time we tried to print using that computer, there's a pop up message that appears, especially when that documents is a PDF file, it deals something with our Anti virus called Symantec. There's an error message that will appear every time we tried to print a PDF file.
Here's another thing when we tried to check the settings of Symantec Antivirus. It says that the date of our computer is out of date, so we change the date, we correct that exact date, but every time we turn off the computer the date will out of date again. What seems to be the problem with that?Even our IT people here haven't resolve this issue.
Please help?
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Computer is always out of date – Symantec errors


Computer is always out of date

Since your computer is always out of date your system prompts you for an error message when date is needed. You might be connected into a network or domain right? And you are printing via a remote or a share printer. If you are in a network environment especially when the domain is present, you must be time and date synchronized to the server or domain. If you are not synchronized to the domain or server time you will not be able to use the network resources.

Time settings in windows environment or even in other operating system rely on the time settings on the BIOS information. Your computer has its own clock that is why even if you power off your computer or the CPU, the time and date changes. And on the next time you start your operating system the time was already set.

The clock of your computer was save and running inside your ROM or the Read Only Memory, basically known as your BIOS (Basic Input Output System) set-up or the CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semi Conductor) set-up. The CMOS or the BIOS are powered by a battery connected inside the Motherboard. The battery is commonly called as button cell. When this battery became low power, the CMOS or the BIOS will not be powered properly and the any changes made inside the CMOS will not be saved anymore. Even the time change will not be updated.

In order to make your time running continuously or updating regularly even if your computer is powered off, you must replace the button cell with a new one. Please refer to your Motherboard manual for replacing the CMOS battery.

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Computer is always out of date – Symantec errors



I can confirm that the issue that you are facing is because of the BIOS battery failure. I can help you to fix this issue.

>> Unplug the power cable.

>> Unplug all connected cables on your CPU.

>> Open the CPU box with a star screw driver.

>> On the motherboard, you’ll see a battery.

>> Remove the battery and insert a new battery.

>> The battery model is CR2032.

>> Now attach the CPU box and plug in all the cables and the power.

>> Just in case you need any further assistance, contact

Your computer should be working fine now. You’ll need to set the date and time once again.

That’s all.

Thanks and regards,

Skarbos Jay.

The battery model is CR2032.
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Computer is always out of date – Symantec errors


Good day!

I'm seeing here that you are having 2 issues with that computer. The PDF printing issue and with the computer time. For the 1st issue we can start tackling it down if you can at least give us the error message you are getting when you try to print. Then for the "Time" issue" you can just inform your I.T people to change the "CMOS" battery of the computer.



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