Compact Flash Card Connected but not Showing any Data

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I have a Sony Digital Camera which I used to take many pictures.

Recently I got in a problem.

I tried to connect the compact flash drive in to my computer and take all the pictures.

It's seems that the drive is showing in My Computer but when I open the drive the pictures inside the compact flash card doesn't show up.

I tried to connect several times but same result. Is it because virus?

My computer has Norton Internet Security installed and updated.

It's really important for me as there are many beautiful pictures in that flash compact drive.

Please help me.

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Compact Flash Card Connected but not Showing any Data


Hi Jettphoenixx,

First off, if you were able to open your flash drive when you clicked it in My Computer, it means that the flash drive and the USB port is working properly. We could draw the conclusion that it could possibly be because of a virus.

Now, I have experienced and tried this problem many times. Some virus would hide your files.

Check if your files are still there, try to unhide hidden folders in your computer. The steps would depend on the Operating System you're using. For Windows, it is commonly under Tool > Folder Options > View.

Another way to check is by right clicking on your flash drive and checking the properties. If it shows that there are some used space on your flash drive, it just means that your flash drive has some content but are just hidden.

I hope this helps you locate your files.

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Compact Flash Card Connected but not Showing any Data


Hi, Jettphoenixx!

I read your problem about your compact flash card that doesn’t show any data. Without further questions, here’s a precautionary measure before you jump out of fear:

If the pictures still exist on the camera, it may be a picture format error or hardware problem; but if the pictures still don’t show up, it could be a virus.

There is an antivirus software I know that is more efficient and more accurate than the other antivirus software around.  It is a total security software that can deliver everything you need to protect your personal computer, including your credentials, your documents, music, videos, pictures, passwords, and even your digital identity against the newest and trending malware and internet threats. Its special features were to increase the layers of protection when you do online banking and shopping and secures money and accounts against cyber criminals.

Here’s the link of antivirus I mentioned to you earlier: 

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Compact Flash Card Connected but not Showing any Data


Hi dear Jettphoenixx,

I think its a virus. Actually the antivirus works for virus only. For more security you have to use anti spyware.

Normally the Antivirus program do not delete the spyware. So its wise decision to use a spyware program.

Download the following program and install it Superantispyware

There is a possibility of port problem. So please check the other port of the computer also.

And if you loss your data, then no need to worry just use the following program to recover your data.


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