The cloud security essentials and admin

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What are the cloud security essentials?

It can administers broad network access?

Can it run on cloud surroundings?

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The cloud security essentials and admin


To start off, first make sure that the company you choose for cloud storage or cloud service, they must be reliable.

If it is an open source OS then you must have access to its core functions and features so that you can change them according to your needs.

Prefer the Linux based cloud storage systems because they are the best when it comes to security features.

You can also apply few security protocols that are available everywhere that enhance the security of the system.

Microsoft TechNet is also a good choice for you if you are really into this.

A couple of more things besides that might serve the purpose also.

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The cloud security essentials and admin


Since you want to learn about the importance of cloud and its security, here are a couple of the major benefits of cloud computing.

  • Cost Reduction and Flexibility – with the availability of cloud computing in today’s modern world, the need to install different software on a number of computers or devices is now cut off. This generally lifts the burden of having to purchase several licenses for a particular software just to be able to install it on a number of computers. With cloud computing, you only need to pay for the software you need since it is readily available on the web and any workstations can have access. All you need is a subscription to use it.
  • Convenience – since cloud computing is readily available on the web, data can be accessed from different locations all over the world. All you need to have is an internet connection which can be made possible using a WiFi connection, or a 3G or 4G wireless broadband maybe. A single project that needs collaboration can be made accessible to different users giving you an up-to-date progress.
  • Peace of Mind – you don’t have to worry about security and piracy issues because the servers that host the applications are exceptionally tough and are located in several countries. That’s why data security and data loss are more complicated. And besides, the provider of the service is accountable in maintaining the system’s integrity and data security.

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