Clipper Program Terminates when printing reports in Windows 7

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Clipper Program Terminates when printing reports in Windows 7

I am currently maintaining the clipper program which is running under the DOS Interface.

Before we are using Windows98 and the system was installed before I was employed in this company.

The programs work fine until before we upgrade our computers and migrate to Windows 7 operating system. 

The program still running but in some parts like creating of reports, the program terminates itself and return to DOS prompt.

Anyone here knows how to solve the issue?


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Clipper Program Terminates when printing reports in Windows 7


Clipper Program Terminates when printing reports in Windows 7

Your problem is not the operating system or the hardware nor the DOS (Disk Operating System) command prompt. You should do something in your configuration system or the CONFIG.SYS of your operating system. If you are running under DOS commands or booting on MS-DOS 6.22 you must have the file CONFIG.SYS in the root folder of your bootable disk. And put a line inside the CONFIG.SYS like the following:


You should also create a batch file program with the line that required by the Clipper compiler enabling compiled clipper program run. This code should be put inside your AUTOEXEC.BAT


In Microsoft Windows 7 CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT is not working anymore. Even Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista does not using the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS anymore. In this new platform of Microsoft operating system which is running under the NT platform. NT platform replace the CONFIG.SYS into CONFIG.NT and AUTOEXEC.BAT with AUTOEXEC.NT and all of these are located under the system32 folder of your Windows operating system. DOS interface is running under CMD.EXE.

CLIPPER=F90 in the autoexec.bat is called to be the system variable and it can be configure in System Properties of your operating system.

  1. Press Window + R then type SYSDM.CPL on the run dialog box and click ok.
  2. Click the Advanced tab
  3. Click Environment Variable button
  4. Then under the System Variables click New
  5. Type CLIPPER on the variable name and F90 on the Variable Value then click Ok.

To edit the CONFIG.NT:

  1. Press Window + R the type cmd.exe and click Ok.
  2. Type EDIT WINDOWSSYSTEM32CONFIG.NT then presses ENTER on the command prompt.
  3. Edit text editor appears on the screen, scroll down to the bottom of the file then look for FILES=40 (this is the default value) and change the value with 90.
  4. Save your work, press Alt + F, S
  5. then exit, press Alt + F, X

After all of this settings run your compiled clipper program.

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