Copy the text in MS-DOS

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I am studying DOS commands because I find it more useful and powerful.

I came across with this problem, how am I able to copy the text that is displayed in MS-DOS?

You can only paste text or commands but you cannot copy anything from it.

Kindly share some insights regarding this problem?

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Copy the text in MS-DOS


MS-DOS or the Microsoft Disk Operating System is designed for a computer that are x86 base classes. This was the operating system of IBM PC computers in 80’s to mid 90’s, until the Microsoft has developed an operating system with a graphical user interface or what they call a GUI.

MS-DOS in operating system today now only used for troubleshooting and bootstrapping and cannot be used as a standalone product.

However there are still versions of MS-DOS that are still supported as a stand-alone Operating System by Microsoft these are DOS 6.0 and DOS 6.22 that you can download through MSDN for customers with verified login credentials.

As you can see when you try to copy the text in MS-DOS, you cannot right click the text or even highlight it. You need to modify the default settings of DOS properties to be able to highlight it and copy the text on it. 

Just the right upper portion on the windows (not with the black background) and select properties. Check “Quick Edit Mode” this should do the trick. See the image below. Highlight to copy while pressing ctrl+c, right click to paste

MS-DOS in operating system
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Copy the text in MS-DOS


It's very easy As you can see when you try to copy the text from MS-DOS you just need to:

1. Right click the icon at the left corner of the window and choose mark.
2. Mark the text you want.
3. Choose copy or press Enter.

Icon at the left corner of the window

Step 1

Commnad Prompt Microsoft Windows XP

Step 2

Try to copy the text from MS-DOS

Step 3

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