Client Initialization error on my DVR

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Hi all 🙂

I am getting an error message on my motorola dvr model number 1225.

It is saying client initialization error and I've tried rebooting it.

I can't really wait for Customer service to pick up cuz its taking me a long time and I am waiting for a movie to play.



Thank you in advance.

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Client Initialization error on my DVR


Hello Robert!

Sorry to hear that you have that client init error on your DVR. 

Please try and check the link light on your DVR box and see if its lit up. 

If not, check the connection between that box and the one going through the wall.. 

Sometimes it is also connected to your modem.

Make sure that both are plugged in tight and snug.. and for resolution's sake.. Please try to unplug both of them and replug them again. 

Reboot the DVR again. 

If the DVR still doesn't show the link light and you are still getting that error screen.Please reboot your modem and then reboot the DVR again. Please be aware that the other stbs (if you have any.. ) and your internet/phone will go down while the modem is rebooting. 

If it still doesn't work. unplug/replug the power cord on your dvr for 5x (this will force the box to go on a non-invasive disaster recovery). 

If all else fails, press the down arrow button & the "OK" button on the box itself  at the same time and then reboot it again. (Please make sure that you are still holding the other buttons while doing so). 

This will force your DVR to do a Disaster Recovery (Warning: All your recordings would be erased). 

If it still doesn't work… I would suggest you call your manufacturer for a replacement order (shouldn't cost you as long as you return the defective one asap). 


I hope I was able to help!




Paul Pinalb

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Client Initialization error on my DVR


I think you must have already tried rebooting your DVR as well as your modem. If I'm wrong, then you should definitely do that in order to make sure there is no temporary fault in your DVR. But if you have tried it for too many times, I suggest you to have some patience because you'll have to talk to a customer representative because if your DVR is new then it will be replaced if faulty or serviced if possible for free. Still it is better than trying for a week with the hope that it might work on its own.

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