Clear the concept of LAMP server and its interfaces

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What are LAMP stands for? Where is LAMP And WAMP different? What configuration is needed to install LAMP? Is there IIS needs to install LAMP? Where is MySQL and PostgreSQL different? Can I install multiple web and database servers by using LAMP? What is Linux Virtual Server (LVS) and why do we use this? What is the role of Mysql in LAMP server? What is the core functionality of Apache? Which browser is necessary to set up LAMP server ? Thank You

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Clear the concept of LAMP server and its interfaces


Hello Terry!

Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP or commonly known as “LAMP” is used for building dynamic websites and internet applications. Lamp is highly integrated in Linux platform.

Windows-Apache-MySQL-PHP-Python-PERL or commonly known as WAMP. It is a combination of Windows platform, Apache server where it launch and mySql that handles databases and the rest are used for scripting languages to post the contents or information. Both handles multiple queries.

LAMP is implemented using Linux platform and while WAMP uses Windows components. We all know that LAMP is an open source and free, faster and much stable and secured than WAMP.

PostgreSQL vs MySQL

A. PostgreSQL for WAMP

1. Combines and queries multiple and bulk databases.

2. The functionality of this query language is slower.


1. Can handle simple queries

2. Faster queries than any Sql.

We can install multiple web data servers using LAMP. Linux Virtual Server (LVS) this is an open source server that uses load balancing for Linux based operating system. We can perfectly use this making more efficient in query and load balancing, faster. Firefox can be  one sample that we can use to deliver WAMP Services.

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