Citrix log in : WFCRUN32 ERROR: Failed to set Event Logging.

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I just logged in Citrix then I got this. I had it updated. Is there a problem with the update?

Do I need to reinstall the new version?


Failed to set event logging.



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Citrix log in : WFCRUN32 ERROR: Failed to set Event Logging.


Hello Joep,

The workaround to that issue is as follows:

  • First, open the appsrv.ini file located in the user’s Citrix ICA client folder.
  • And then look for the line beginning with”LogFileWin32”,  which should be near the top.
  • The following are its defaults values: For Windows Vista – C:UsersUserNameAppDataRoamingICAClientwfcwin32.log, and for Windows XP – C:Documents and SettingsUserNameApplication Data ICAClientwfcwin32.log
  • You will need to update the entry to point to the correct location.




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Citrix log in : WFCRUN32 ERROR: Failed to set Event Logging.

The error might be caused by a broken appsrv.ini function. When the web client is installed it creates the appsrv.ini file in the profile of the default user. The appsrv.ini file is copied from the default user profile when a new user logs in, but the logging path remains the same which is the path to the default user profile. And this will not work. The user does not have rights to save a log file in the default user profile. It's clear that the appsrv.ini log path entry should be rewritten with a path for that specific user. If a user directly runs the installation of the web client, the appsrv.ini file is created in their profile and the path is also the path to their own profile. Here are the steps to provide the correct path for the file:
1. Run the web client setup.
2. The appsrv.ini file will be created already in the default user profile if you selected an automated installation. But if you selected a manual installation, copy the appsrv.ini file from the original user profile into the default user profile and edit the path so that logging is set to "C:usersdefault". This will recreate the position after an automated install.

3. Create a new local user account with no administrator rights.
4. Use that account to log in. The new appsrv.ini file will be created from the default user copy with the wrong path and the error message occurs.
5. Fix this by doing the following:
A. Run the web client automated setup.
B. Delete the copy of appsrv.ini in the default user profile.
C. When the user logs in, a new copy of the appsrv.ini file will be created in the user profile with the correct path.
After doing these steps, the error should be gone.


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