How to solve network connectivity issue?

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 I am facing a problem since last few days while connecting to internet. My system takes a lot of time while it searches for an IP. I have asked few people and came to know that it is a problem related to DHCP. This is a relatively new term for me. Is this relates to any issue with the system. I am using a dial up connection. Can somebody please help in resolving this issue?

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How to solve network connectivity issue?


The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP is a communications protocol that allows network administrators to manage at a central point and automate the assignment of IP addresses or Internet Protocol addresses in an organization’s network. Using IP, every computer or machine that is able to connect to the internet requires a unique IP address. When an organization sets up their computers for internet connection, every machine should be assigned with an IP address.

If DHCP is not available, the IP address should be entered manually on every computer. In case the computer is transferred to a different place in another part of the network, a new IP address should be entered. With DHCP, it eliminates the need to manually enter an IP address on every computer. It automatically sends and assigns a new IP address when a new computer is connected into a different location in the network.

Since you said that you are using a dial-up then it has nothing to do with DHCP. Try checking if your computer is set to use different DNS addresses. To do this, click Start, Control Panel, Network and Internet Connections, then select Network Connections. Right-click your dial-up connection then select Properties. Before doing this, make sure you are not connected to the internet. See image.

Select Networking tab. Make sure Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is selected under “This connection uses the following items” then click Properties. In General tab, select “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically” then click OK. Try connecting to the internet after this.

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