Choosing a Secure password for linkedIn

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Can anyone tell me the best way to choose a password. I want to use it for my linkedIn account. Are there any free password generating tools?

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Choosing a Secure password for linkedIn


Choosing a secure password is very essential to us. Here is some information about choosing a powerful password –



  • Please don’t use name, word or phrases that have personal significance.


  • Use both latter’s and Numbers


  • Use case sensitivity (upper & lower case letters).


  • You should memorize the password. Avoid writing it down. Unless  Somebody could very easily find the slip of paper that the password is written on.


  • Please choose a longer password –min 8 character


  • Do not use the same password for everything.


  • Try to use “nonsense words” like –  “fgT45xzv” / “RNo89plJhG”




You can also use a powerful password generator software –


Go to this site


Then click the "Download" button

"Save" your file

Then exatract the zip file and enjoy

You don't have to install this software 😀


This is the most powerful free password genarator software. You can genarate numbers & letters with it and this soft will create powerful "password's" .



You may also use "online" based password genarator –


Please visit

to genarate your password .

This is safe too.



Hopefully this answer will help you 


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Choosing a Secure password for linkedIn


If you need to create an account in some website and you need to have a password, the best way to create a password is to create a code that is composed of letters and numbers. Adding special characters to your code will add strength to your combination. Don’t use a password that is too common or a password derived from common words.

Another way of making a password is to use a password generating tool such as KeePass which I currently use on my computer to handle all my passwords. It has a password generator where you can create different lengths of password. You can set it to add upper case letters to the password, lower case letters, numbers, minus sign, underline, brackets, and special characters like !, $, %, and more.

Aside from generating a password for you, KeePass is also used to manage and store all your personal passwords. It is your own password manager that can be configured to run with Windows so that your passwords will be available to you when you start your computer. It safely protects your password. When you open the program and you copy your email or your password, the clipboard will be automatically erased after 12 seconds.

In case you haven’t pasted the data within the 12-second period, the clipboard will be erased and you need to copy the information again from KeePass. To download KeePass, visit Getting KeePass Downloads.

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