Choosing between DDR3 8GB 1600mhz and DDR3 8GB 1333mhz

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To compare two DDR3 memory modules, is there really a need to consider the CAS latency? I need to choose between DDR3 8GB 1600 mhz CAS10 and a DDR3 8GB 1333 mhz CAS9 which are both Fury Modules from Kingston. By comparing these two modules, are there any obvious performance difference?

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Choosing between DDR3 8GB 1600mhz and DDR3 8GB 1333mhz


The performance difference is very negligible at this speed and timings. If you are going to play games , then you will notice a few more FPS with the 1600 MHz CAS10, and while running applications there will be no big difference at all.

A module that has 1600 MHz will benefit more, no matter the timings. Latency will not matter at all. Current CPUs use burst transfers to boost the data transfer rate, so frequency isn't really the complete truth of how a memory module will perform when installed.

Even on memory intensive tasks, there will be no difference, because, doing the math, 1333 MHz with CAS9 versus 1600 MHz with CAS10 have the exact same timings.

I recommend in using the 1600 MHz CAS10 memory module.

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