Change default browser for Skype

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I prefer using Firefox over Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.  When I'm using Skype, I also prefer that is uses Firefox for launching websites. Right now, when I click on a link from my chat window in Skype, it opens the website in Internet Explorer. My IE version is way outdated since I haven't been using it on my Windows XP computer for a long time now. 

I don't like to upgrade IE as well. In another computer running Windows 7, the website links from Skype open in Google Chrome rather than Firefox. 

How can I change the default browser that Skype will use to open websites?

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Change default browser for Skype


It is very simple you have to change the setting on your Skype from the default to Mozilla Firefox. Because the windows explorer it the default browser of window XP , vista or window 7. Why? 

Because the window is a Microsoft corporation and they have designed it and internet explorer is also the part of the window that's why you Skype is opening every site in internet explorer. If you want to change it go to the Skype setting and change it setting from the default to the Mozilla Firefox.

It is on default setting when you install any software to computer.

You have to make some changes if you want them. 


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Change default browser for Skype



It’s simple to change your default browser to Mozilla Firefox and I also prefer to use Mozilla than Explorer, chrome or safari.

Just follow these steps.

1. Open tools menu then click options in Mozilla.

(In some version of Mozilla like 4.0 and 4.0 beta just click on Firefox (Red color button) and u will directly see ‘OPTIONS’)

2. Click on ‘ADVANCE’ Right most corner and make sure your on its sub tab ‘GENERAL’.

3. Below you will clearly see option for make Mozilla my default browser.    Select it


Once Mozilla is your default browser then if you click on some link from anywhere in your computer it will always open in Mozilla.

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Change default browser for Skype


The Skype client does not select which web browser to open nor has its own default browser. What it does when you open a link on the chat window is launch the default web browser of your operating system to open the link you clicked.

The reason why Skype opens your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser when you click a link is because Microsoft Internet Explorer is your computer’s default web browser. If you want to change what browser Skype opens, you simply need to change your operating system’s default web browser. You can do that right within your preferred or favorite web browser.

To do this, if you prefer Firefox, start Mozilla Firefox then click “Tools” and then “Options” or just enter in the address bar without quotes “about:preferences” then hit Enter. In Options tab, in “General” on the left pane, under “Startup”, click “Make Default”.

Set default web browser
Set default web browser

And that’s it. The next time you open a link on Skype, the client will open your Mozilla Firefox browser.

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