Carrier Network Supporting Audio Only

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Hello experts,

After the 1st part of the game finished, this error appeared on the screen of my tablet. I tried to watch to a football game on my tablet and it worked just fine when suddenly this appeared. Since that game this error appears every time I try to connect. Does anyone have any idea what is this all about? Can this be fixed?



Carrier Network Supporting Audio Only. Video Resumes When Connectivity Improves.


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Carrier Network Supporting Audio Only


This is really a problem not with your tablet but with your network connection. Normally, in network connection or internet connectivity, it is much easier to send and receive audio data than video data because audio is relatively small compared to video. And since it is normal for internet connection to get slow at times, you will lose your video feed if you are watching a live stream and only audio stream is possible.

The problem here is really with your network or the coverage in your area because you are using a mobile device. Mobile devices such as your tablet rely on signal reception for the quality and speed of the connection. But this is not always the case as with my experience. It is true that having a very strong signal guarantees the strength of your connection.

But even if you have a strong signal and a strong connection, if there are too many users on the network especially if it is during peak hours, you will still have a very slow internet connection. And I think that’s what’s happening here. The only thing you can do is, since you’re on a tablet, is to transfer to a location in your house or area where you can have a good signal reception.

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