Can’t Uninstall HP Product Detection Software in Windows 7

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Hi, experts!

I can't seem to uninstall my HP Product Detection Software using the Windows 7 Add/Remove Programs.

I get these error messages: 

AclmControl.exe- , NET Framework Initialization Error

C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETFramework64v4.0.30319mscoreei.dll could not be loaded

Here is a screenshot:

HP Product Detection Software uninstallation error- AclmControl.exe-NET Framework Initialization Error

The same mscoree.dll error occurs when I use the other programs in my computer.

I have never encountered this error until I installed the HP program that doesn't even work.

Can you, guys, help me with this?

Thank you.

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Can’t Uninstall HP Product Detection Software in Windows 7


May be your program is damaged by some virus or you are using a wrong method to delete your program. To delete your program first go to the directory of the program and then find uninstall and click the uninstall option. This will enable you to properly delete the program and will be help full in full removal of program.

The other way is go to the add remove program in control panel and then you need to remove the program from there. If both of methods are not working then your program is may be corrupted or there is some thing is causing the error like some virus program. So you can now delete the program manually and you will be able to delete your program. I hope it will work. 
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Can’t Uninstall HP Product Detection Software in Windows 7



The software you are trying to uninstall is not getting uninstall this is because you the software you are uninstalling has might corrupted and therefore it is not going to uninstall so you need to remove this software by these method:
1. First go to control panel and then go to programmers and features and then find the software need to uninstall then right click on that software and then uninstall that software.
2. If this software is not getting uninstall through this way then you need to do one thing that is installing that software. In installing that software as the software already had installed on your computer so this will show at start you want to remove this software or repair this software then select "uninstall" and the software will uninstall.
3. By the second step if the software still not able to uninstall then you should select the option repair and repair that software and after repairing that software again uninstall that software now it will definitely now uninstall this software.
Hope this solution will definitely solve your problem.
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Can’t Uninstall HP Product Detection Software in Windows 7



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