How to Optimize Notepad for Developing and Editing Codes

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How do you add more features to Notepad to enhance code development? What new features have you found  useful for inclusion in the Notepad editor environment. How to you fine-tune Notepad for optimal programming experience?  Which popular plug-in would you recommend to the avid programmer and where can this be obtained?

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How to Optimize Notepad for Developing and Editing Codes



Notepad comes with Windows by default as a text editor. It has tremendous advantage but unfortunately, it’s not for coding purpose.

Notepad is a small program for editing, creating and managing text files. If you’re trying to have it for coding, you can create the files but you’ll face tremendous trouble as there’s no text coloring feature, syntax designs, except a plain, gloomy text editor.

If you want to have any good editor for developing codes, you should consider using Notepad++. It’s an advanced text editor, inspired from Notepad. Unlike Notepad, it has syntax highlighting and coloring, syntax folding, multi-tab editing, plug-in support etc.

If you are thinking of professional development, you should get any IDE. For example, Codeblocks or Codelite is good for C/C++. For PHP, consider using NetBeans. There are different IDEs and editors for different programming language, so select the one that you’re going to code and choose the perfect one.

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