Can’t Read DVD’s Burn From Other Machine

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Hi guys!

I currently bought a new surplus system for my sister. It is a Pentium 4 3.2, 80gb.

1.25Gb, fx5500 and used my previous DVD Writer (Samsung writemaster) from my other rig that is an AMD Phenom II x2 550 BE, 4gb, 780G, 4670.

And the problem is.

It can't read my DVD's burn from my AMD rig. What could be the cause?

Is it my Processor?

Or my Motherboard?


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Can’t Read DVD’s Burn From Other Machine


Hi Hunger,

If you can't read the DVD copy from your AMD rig, try to open with other computer and see if it's readable or not. If it's readable, you are having a problem with your DVD-ROM, try to search for the replacement of your DVD this is already a defective unit. If the unit is under warranty, contact your supplier and ask for a replacement, normally it will take months for the replacement depending on your supplier.       

If the DVD is not readable to the other machine:

Try to burn another copy of the DVD and check if it's readable or not

If still not readable, insert CD cleaner on your DVD-ROM 

Cleaning takes a few minutes in order to get rid of those old dusts.

If the lens is dirty, your DVD-ROM will surely not functioning, use a contact cleaner to get this dirt and test again your machines.


Tony Stevenson 


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Can’t Read DVD’s Burn From Other Machine


So the thing is you are using the DVD writer that you used for the old machine to the new machine that you bought right?

Is it an external DVD writer or an internal one?

In case it is an internal DVD writer, then it means you have to remove it from the old machine and attach it to the new one, and therefore the possible cause of the problem will be:

  • You have not connected the DVD writer properly. Check the cables and ensure that they are well connected to the motherboard.
  • The DVD writer may not be compatible with the new computer that you are using one, and therefore you will need to obtain a compatible DVD writer.

In case the DVD writer is external, just check the cabling, if there is any problem with the ports and fix them.

Thompson Locker

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Can’t Read DVD’s Burn From Other Machine


It could be an issue with the DVD drive that you used to play the burned DVD or a bad media.

Try to play another burned disc and see if the same error will occur.

If it is, then most probably the issue is in your DVD ROM itself.

And sometimes, the tool that you used for burning the disc can also be the reason why you cannot play it on other machine.

Try the ImgBurn for burning disc.

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Can’t Read DVD’s Burn From Other Machine


In this case, you need to check on a lot of things to know what is causing the issue. Check and ensure that the following are:

1. You burned your CD/DVD at a minimal burning speed. Try to burn at 16X.

2. Check the disk you used if it's damaged or broken.

3. Check the CD/DVD-ROM connectors if properly connected.

4. Check if you can play the disk on another machine to determine if the problem is in the CD/DVD ROM itself.

5. Ensure that the Samsung Writemaster is compatible with the new machine. There should be minimum system requirements for installing this.


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